Tea Talk

Tea Talk

Let’s schedule some time together! Via video chat we will connect and discuss matters of Plant Magic & personal insight. I’ll be offering four types of tea talks to best serve the community. Although we can talk about whatever your heart desires.

Plant Ally Guide - no matter how much or how little you know about herbs and plant Magic already does not matter. Wanting to know more about your own personal allies or where to start? Wondering how to connect with plants to assist with certain issues or ailments?

Card & Insight -typically a three to five card pull with commentary included. Full disclosure card readings aren’t always nice and most the time they confirm things you already know. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Garden Chat- wondering how to start or plan a garden? Wanting to know how to grow a patio garden? What plants are companion plants? How do I can tomato’s? Let’s figure it out together!!! I’m here for all your gardening needs and what I don’t know we will just call and ask my Grandma! 😂

Ritual Work - want or needing some assistance on how to perform some some rituals for yourself or your household? Need me to do some energy or ritual work for you? I’m happy to do it! Once you have purchased a Tea Talk you will be sent an email to schedule our chat! Please keep in mind I’m CST & do work a full time job. These may be scheduled 30 days out depending on availability. First come, first serve. Most talks will be scheduled early morning or weekends.

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    Make sure you are subscribed to the website and/or leave me your email address when you purchase your Tea Talk so I know how to best reach you! We will schedule these via Facetime, IG, Marco Polo, or Zoom.  

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