Sacred Smokes

Sacred Smokes

This blend of mullein, marshmallow root, calendula, skullcap, lavender, and wild lettuce offer a relaxing, grounding and slightly mind altering experience. What a beautiful way to connect to self and spirit. This is the perfect blend to partake in during a ceremony or just to unwind after a long day. Did you know that smoking herbs has been a sacred way for individuals and cultures to connect, ground, and purify themselves?

The physical effects from this blend offer relief from anxiety as well as panic attacks, it heals the lungs, is a pain reliever, soothes as a nerves, assists in addictions as well as cleansing and clearing one’s being and spirit.

Each tin will come with enough herbs to roll 20+ herbal smokes and two pre-rolled cigarettes. You may also use this blend as incense, a bath soak, or you may drink it like tea to receive all the same medicinal and spiritual properties.


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