Get Lit Pouch

Get Lit Pouch

A pouch designed to connect with spirit as well to cleanse and clear. I was blessed and honored to cross path with Hector Kriete, a ceramic artist who creates these adorable mushroom chillums!!!  You know how I feel about mushrooms!?!? Did you know they represent transformation? Mushrooms are a totem for death and rebirth.

Ive also partnered with Fairytale Crystals to bring you some beautiful lavender smudge sticks! What a great way to cleanse and clear your space!!! Burning lavendar can be used to purify a sacred space as well as assist with peace, insomnia, sorrow, anxiety, grief, and happiness.

A sample of my sacred smoke  or detox smoke will be supplied depending on availability and what I feel called to send you. These are great to be used for ceremony, think of it as a way to smudge yourself!

This pouch will include a unique mushroom pipe, some sacred smoke, as well as a lavender smudge stick. 

    Mushroom/Chillum Color

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