Cup of Crone Tea

Cup of Crone Tea

Sit down and tell her your troubles, sit in your power and quiet the mind. This isn’t just a tea it’s an experience to connecting with your ancestors and your own higher self. It balances and restores your chakras, offers protection & has the ability to banish, promotes womb healing, calms, strengthens bonds, lowers our personal guard & attracts abundance, enhances psychic abilities, lucid dreaming, and aid in healing a grieving heart.  This is intended to be a nighttime tea.   

elderberries, mugwort, holy basil, red raspberry leaf, lavender, chamomile, & rose.

*dont take while pregnant, mugwort is not an ally to expecting mothers; it can still be enjoyed in a foot soak or in a bath          


  • Sizes

    A regular size is 1 oz and a large is 3 oz; 3xs the about but 1/2 the price. 



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