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A Little Abut Me

I'm for sure a product of the of growing up the 90's. No cell phones or wifi in the home and we came home when the street lights came home. Back when MTV had music, hence Allison Unplugged! I'm the oldest of six kiddos (1 full and 4 1/2) from the typical dysfunctional family. Both my maternal and fraternal Grandparents had a big influence on me growing up and have been some of my greatest teachers. 

I feel blessed to have the knowledge to grow most of my family's food in our own backyard and I'm happy to share some of my knowledge with you all. Please keep in mind that I am no expert I'm just a 40ish year old gal who has had a love of gardening, herbalism, and healing. I believe we each have the ability to feed our families and heal ourselves with a little dedication and a whole lot of mindfulness. 


Unplugged Alchemy

I've been up to something the last few months and I'm excited to finally share it with you all!!!! Throughout this whole journey I knew I was supposed to be sharing my plant magic with you but I felt something was missing...but I wasn't sure I was ready for what I was feeling led to do. Well that Scorpio New Moon a few cycles back revealed some things to me and I'm ready!!! I hope you are too!

Have you ever wondered how to find your plant allies? Do you want to know how to create your own plant magic? Because here’s a little secret EVERYONE can practice plant magic! If you are cooking you are practicing plant magic and you don’t even know it. All magic is created by the power of intention. I’ll say it again. All Magic is created by the POWER of INTENTION.

Let’s do it! I’m here for it! I’m about to show you how to create your own plant magic using 6 different herbs. Let’s commit to 10 weeks of herbal alchemy together. I’ll guide you through the process of breaking down each herb and the relationship it has with you. This journey will begin with you receiving a box with all the herbs needed as well as some tools to assist you. Worksheets and guidance will be provided as well as access to a separate IG account (unplugged_alchemy) if you are interested in some additional connections. We will have three zoom meetings around the New Moons to dive into another level of the practice. These will be recorded for you to obtain even if you are not present for the meeting. My intention is to share 10 weeks of learning, growing, and healing.

Herbs we are exploring this Summer Season:

Hibiscus Honeysuckle Peppermint Red Clover Black Cohosh Root Citrus Peels

Each participant will also receive a one on one Tea Talk at some point throughout the 12 week period. This is a great time for us to talk privately and in more depth about your own personal allies. This is also a great time to ask questions or seek additional specific guidance about you or your household.

I’m not going to share the WHOLE AGENDA because I know things will changed and I will go with the flow of what we need collectively. This course is great for experienced herbalists as well as beginners. Course work will be available to you through a 12 week period of time and you can work at your own pace. I encourage you to take notes, screen shots, and feel free to make copies as you need them for personal use. I do want you to know that this knowledge and magic is only intended for healing and good.


dates are subject to change, we will decide collectively when to hold live chats/classes

Part One - July 20th The Summer Six Introduction – Self & Friends Worksheets/Journal Plant Allies - Plant Magic – Intentions – Rituals

Part Two – August 19th Developing your Allies Review each Herb – share information Taste buds – create a flight Tea Ritual How to Create your own Tea Blend Prep work for next Plant Magic Creations

Part Three – September 17th Creating Plant Magic How to Create a Hydrosol How to Create Moon Milk Tea How to Create a Tincture

I’ll be honest and say coming up with the price was hard. I think it’s more than fair and I’m willing to take ½ as a reservation and ½ by the second meeting date. I will only be offering this to 8 people and I will be giving away two opportunities if you feel called to join us!

One opportunity will be given to anyone who wants to assist me along the way, I’d call you my Teacher’s Pet ! LOL! JKK! This needs to be a person that is tech savvy and can assist me with uploading information, organizing meetings and assisting me as life with my day job is wild and let’s face it I’m almost 40 and this website/SM campaigning/virtual world is not what I’m really here for so if anyone wants to help me out I would love to barter that knowledge and service!

There will also be a GIVEAWAY which will include an Unplugged Alchemy Kit as well as a set of the herbal six in glass jars. I will also include a couple items from the shop I feel you may enjoy/need. To win this giveaway you must share on SM. I will give you one entry for every story or post share use #allisonunplugged. There will be a post on IG that you can share and/or comment on as well! I will pick the winner around July 10th during a Live Tea Talk, on IG.

This is how it’ll work. Enrollment will be open until July 10th and an herbal alchemy kit will be mailed to your home. Our first meeting will be announced via email so please make sure you have sent me your email/contact information. You can also request to follow Unplugged _ Alchemy on IG. Throughout the 10 weeks information will be uploaded to a private forum that you will have access to. It will also give you an opportunity to interact with each other, ask questions and encourages group discussions.

If you are still reading THANK YOU!!!!! I know this is a lot, but it’s a lot of information to share! Also, if you are interested to know something huge was revealed to me while at Cape San Blas, FL and this is just a tiny piece of what’s to come in time. I’m hustling hard because I’m ready for big things, I’m doing the work now so I may live out my highest manifestations later. I’m feeling led and guided more than ever before and I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

I know there is a lot of heaviness and heartache in the world right now but this is my way of helping and healing people. There is a great amount of healing that can take place when we listen to our bodies and connect to the earth. Thank you for supporting me, believing in me, and encouraging me to shine my light!

What is included in the Unplugged Alchemy Kit: Herbs - $ 25 value (at least) Hibiscus - 10 grams Honeysuckle – 3 grams Black Cohosh – 30 grams Red Clover – 2 grams Peppermint – 2 grams Citrus Peel – 10 grams

Worksheets - $15 value Herbal Properties x 6 Taste Testing Worksheet Tea Testing Worksheet Additional Charts & Literature

Meetings - $33 value New Moon in July New Moon in August New Moon in September

One on One Tea Talk - $33 value This will be done via video chat – reserve one of your tea bags for this! This tea talk can happen anytime throughout the course as long as my schedule permits. Please place a request two weeks in advance via email and title it “Tea Talk”.

I’ll be on the lookout! Choose between the following or a combination of a couple 1 – Ally Talk 2 – Plant Magic Tarot Pull 3 – Random Chat

Shipping $8.40

Total Value is $114.40

Summer Six – Unplugged Alchemy Kit $88

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