An Unexpected Ally

I think it’s interesting how plants speak to us differently. I’m going to be honest I’m not a big fan of roses. To be perfectly blunt I use to say I hated them. I’m not really sure why I just feel they are over-rated. They are expensive and are supposed to be sooo beautiful. I’d much prefer a bouquet of wild flowers, iris, or sunflowers any day! There was even a short period of time when my LP and I moved in together that he would bring me home roses for no reason and every time we would end up getting into a fight about something stupid. I’ve never planted any roses in any of the homes we’ve ever had and to be honest they’d be the last flower I would willing put in my yard. So I think you get it…they aren’t my favorite.

So how come when we moved into our dream home a few years ago the only flowers were a couple lilies, clematis, and three beautiful rose bushes? I even remember rolling my eyes when I saw what they were (we moved in the winter) and I muttered I could just rip them out. But I didn’t. They were one of the first plants to jump up in the spring. The bushes (which are all different) grew and developed rose after rose after rose. I didn’t even fertilize them or prune them. The color on this bush was so loud it would call to me from the back of the house. I started researching what the rose represented.

I began looking into her medicinal and spiritual qualities. Did you know roses help reduce anxiety, offer great benefits to the skin, sedates inflammation, removes toxins, purifies the blood, eases menstruation, prevents excessive bleeding, mild laxative, regulates hormone production, and is said to offer protection from a spiritual stand point as well as represent strong feminine energy. I realized I or others needed a lot of these types of healing qualities. I wasn’t looking for the roses but the roses were looking for me.

I think the timing of the roses is interesting. They have come into my life as I am stepping more into my feminine energy and my power. I use to shy away from the feminine side; I think I was almost intimidated or afraid of what that would look like. I have had an interesting past with my self-perception, my body, and my sexuality. The rose reminds me that I can be protective and harsh (the thorns) but soft and sensual at the same time (petals).

I now care and love these roses. We have developed a relationship of respect and admiration. I’m so thankful for these roses as they provide me with plant magic for my home and the shop. My roses have been so abundant over the last year I have not had to purchase any for my shop. I know they like banana peels and coffee grounds…tell me the other secrets. I’m new (and late) to the Roses game! Have you had a plant pop into your life that you weren't expecting? Have you ever developed an unexpected ally?

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