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A Little Abut Me

I'm for sure a product of the of growing up the 90's. No cell phones or wifi in the home and we came home when the street lights came home. Back when MTV had music, hence Allison Unplugged! I'm the oldest of six kiddos (1 full and 4 1/2) from the typical dysfunctional family. Both my maternal and fraternal Grandparents had a big influence on me growing up and have been some of my greatest teachers. 

I feel blessed to have the knowledge to grow most of my family's food in our own backyard and I'm happy to share some of my knowledge with you all. Please keep in mind that I am no expert I'm just a 40ish year old gal who has had a love of gardening, herbalism, and healing. I believe we each have the ability to feed our families and heal ourselves with a little dedication and a whole lot of mindfulness. 


A Surprise Shop Update

For those of you who follow me on IG you know I'm going to host a live sale on Sunday the 27th at 4pm CST! But for those of you who are loyal to my website and supporting me directly through here I have done something a little special! Check out the new live shop page!!!!!

I know a few of you have been disappointed that you can not just go the website an purchase a single favorite item!!!! Well for a limited time you can purchase some specific items directly in the shop! I'm not gonna lie doing this has immediately given me a little anxiety as I think I may have just opened up the flood gates to some chaos, but I feel organized and prepared to

offer a very limited supply of my current offerings.

If you are looking to purchase a pouch of potions but are new to Allison Unplugged then this is a great way to explore details about the items currently available. Even if an item is listed as out of stock it will be available in a pouch of potions or something very similar is. You simply pick a themed Pouch of Potions and then you fill out a questionnaire and wishlist. This gives me some ideas of things to treat you to and items you may benefit from trying.

I also have a new and improved review app on the website. I would greatly appreciate you leaving a review...if you know about the secret giveaway being done in a couple weeks a review will get you an extra entry! XO Thanks in advance for the love and support!

I do plan on having gift cards available soon...still playing with how to get them to work the right way on the website. I thank you all for your patience and support as I navigate the growing pains of evolving this plant magic adventure!

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