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A Little Abut Me

I'm for sure a product of the of growing up the 90's. No cell phones or wifi in the home and we came home when the street lights came home. Back when MTV had music, hence Allison Unplugged! I'm the oldest of six kiddos (1 full and 4 1/2) from the typical dysfunctional family. Both my maternal and fraternal Grandparents had a big influence on me growing up and have been some of my greatest teachers. 

I feel blessed to have the knowledge to grow most of my family's food in our own backyard and I'm happy to share some of my knowledge with you all. Please keep in mind that I am no expert I'm just a 40ish year old gal who has had a love of gardening, herbalism, and healing. I believe we each have the ability to feed our families and heal ourselves with a little dedication and a whole lot of mindfulness. 


How this little adventure started.

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

I've always been drawn to plants, nature, and the magic of the earth and her ability to shift and evolve. I was one of those kids playing in the dirt creating concoctions or climbing a tree talking to the birds and squirrels. As I grew up my love shifted to the kitchen where I loved creating delicious masterpieces that would not just feed your tummy but also fed your soul. In my early 20's I found myself in Massage Therapy school and fell in awe of aurvedic medicine and the power of plant magic on a different level. I opened up my own day spa for a short period of time and my massage oils, teas, sugar scrubs, body wraps, and facials sold just as well as my hour long deep tissue massages. I was in shock by the feedback and support I received from my cliental and began creating different "plant magic" for specific people/aliagments. In my mid 20's I had my daughter and not to sound cliché but my world definitely changed and I found myself seeking a different profession and leaving my plant magic behind. (there is a lot more to this story which I will save for another time.)

So now let's fast forward to my early 30's where I got deathly ill. And when I say deathly I mean it, I had talks with my best friends about how I wanted to them to help raise my daughter when I was gone, I wrote down my advance directives (living will/POA paperwork), and talked to my boyfriend about what to do with my ashes after I was creamated. And while this may sound crazy to a lot of people I wasn't really scared of death because it had already come for me once in 1999 when I was recesutated twice after a bad car accident. I had been poked and proded and spent way to much time at the hospital for them to basically tell me they didn't know what was wrong with me...possibly it was even in my head. I began to think I was certifiably crazy. However, I was losing weight, hair, I couldn't keep any food down and my boyfriend scooped me off the bathroom floor more than once and carried me to the ER. I knew I wasn't crazy but I wasn't sure I was 100% sane either. It was a scary time. It was a time I felt like I was losing control of my life, and if ya know me personally you know that’s scary AF because your girl likes to be IN CONTROL!!! lol!

So for the next year or so I was on a complete ilimination diet. I lliterally started with bone broth (dr. ordered) and slowly would add one thing to my diet each week until I learned how my body responded to each ingredient. I went completely gluten and dairy free for about a year as well. My family was very supportive and great guinea pigs in the kitchen. Slowly I started listening to my body more. I started eating better, I started managing stress better, I began meditating again, yoga became a daily ritual, I changed jobs, we moved, life slowly started changing and we began evolving a bit differently as a family unit. Day by day I became a little stronger and wiser.

So now welcome to my mid 30's where my life seemed in order by day but at night I was living a nightmare, literally. More nights than not I would have horrific, tragic dreams. I find these dreams hard to describe but they were the realist looking and feeling, as if I had expeirenced it first hand lifetimes ago. They all had a similar theme. I was to save/heal a person/village/town somehow but always I would fail and the person/people would die in my arms or all around me. I would wake up exhausted and heartbroken. Night after night I (really we, my poor bf still sleeps with me after all these years! lol!) lives this nightmare.

It was a variety of things that made me want to share my plant magic but those dreams almost coaxed me into doing it. My bf even looked into these dreams (and he’s not into a lot of my quirky rituals but he plays a long) and found that there are a group of people who have had reacurrent healing dreams. So I prayed about it some more, asked for some clarity and had a few signs drift my way. And i will tell you that these Healing Dreams has stopped since I’ve started my plant magic business. I dream other things now in regards to plants and people but they aren’t dying anymore. Now they are thriving.

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