The online shop will be closed for the next month or two as I navigate through a few transitions and upgrades!


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Tea Collection

Unless you're new here you know tea is kinda my thing! I enjoy the ritual of brewing a cup and sipping on it as I set intentions or reflect on the day. 

Tea Collections

Some of my favorite projects have been collaborative ones! I love adding fellow friend's magic to my shop for the collective to enjoy! 

Self Love Line

Skin Care, Hair Care, & Aura Cleansing. All my products are made with the intention to heal on another whole level. Healing wax, hair spritz, face toner, face serum, and a few other things to take care of our body and spirit on another level! 

Skin, Hair, & Aura


Tinctures are a great way to swallow some medicine if you are on the go or really don't care for the taste of tea! All my tinctures are made with vegetable glycerin making them sweet & safe for kiddos & pets.


Merchandise & Support 

 I know you all love my logo as much as I do so I had to start putting it on everying! Plus this is a great way to show your love & support! You all are the best! Thank you for being Plant Magic Believers with me!!!

Merchandise & Support

Inhaling herbs has been an ancient form of medicine & spiritual practices for thousands of years. What a unique way to connect with spirit quite literally from the inside out. You can drink these, soak in these, or burn them as incense for similar effects. 

Collaborative Magic
& Gift Sets 


Pouches of 


Let me create a custom pouch of potions for you and your household.  Each pouch is full of plant magic & intentions. 

Thoughts & Personal Insight